Bal Harbour Shops gets Bigger and Better

Bal Harbour Shops

The Bal Harbour Shops are ready for a renovation. Scheduled to begin at the end of the year, one of Miami’s biggest malls is getting bigger. The mall is set to double in size, thanks to a $400 million investment project that was approved last week.

The exciting changes aren’t only aesthetic. President and CEO of Whitman Family Development, Matthew Whitman Lazenby, the company which owns and operates the mall, highlights the positive overspill that the project will have on the surrounding community. Promises include improved traffic flow, beautified pedestrian infrastructure, and a new recreational park. Enhancements also include an environmentally sustainable parking garage and a hurricane-protected Village Hall. All of these aspects, combined with dazzling new luxury boutiques and big name shops like Barney’s New York, lead to increased tax contributions and a stronger economic future for Bal Harbour Village. The project is predicted to be completed within 5-6 years.

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