Is South Beach Getting a Makeover?

“Enough!” Mayor Dan Gelber proposed on Wednesday, July 22 that the seemingly out-of-control party tourism that has been plaguing residents for years is coming to a halt. How? By instilling (and in some cases making permanent) rules and regulations that will limit the sale of alcohol after midnight, enforce noise ordinances and reinstate the open-container law. These proposals, however, are short term and beg the question – Where does South Beach go from here?

Similar to the path taken by Ft. Lauderdale a decade ago, Mayor Dan and his team are suggesting a focus on the neighborhood’s Art Deco foundation and giving visitors a cultural experience. High-class restaurants, museums and galleries would replace the current environment, paying homage to those 1980’s preservationists who fought to protect Miami Beach’s unique architecture and one-of-a-kind history.

Stay tuned for updates this week, as the Mayor will present the plan to Miami Beach Commissioners for support.