Little Havana: Not just for tourists!

Miami is a great city to explore. Tourists know that, which is why so many flock to Miami year round. They recognize that there is more to this glittering metropolis than the beach. Wynwood, Design District, and Brickell are teeming with out-of-towners, guidebooks in tow, exploring the neighborhoods, taking photos and trying the food.

It is easy to forget, as locals, that we can join in the fun as well! You don’t have to be from another place to be a tourist in Miami. Where is the best place to start, you may ask? There is no better neighborhood to reconnect with Miami’s tourist roots than the one and only, Little Havana.

Little Havana is so unique in its community vibe. Calle Ocho shop owners mingle with local residents daily, keeping tabs on the neighborhood newcomers and staying abreast of local politics. Of course, they gossip too, and this is generally done over a Cuban coffee. Want to explore Little Havana for the day? Here are some ideas for you.

  1. Enjoy a cortado and empanada with some locals at El Pub’s “ventanita”.
  2. Eavesdrop at Domino Park, the beating heart of Little Havana. (Domino Park is currently closed but slated to reopen soon.)
  3. Pop into Old’s Havana for some live music, a Cuban sandwich and a refreshing mojito.
  4. Soak up the rum with a cheese croqueta or guava & cheese pastelito at Havana Market.
  5. Pick up a Guarapo juice a Los Pinareinos and wander Cuban Memorial Boulevard.
  6. Stop by Havana Classic and watch expert cigar rollers at work.
  7. Sneak into Rooster Alley to see some local art.
  8. Shop for a guayabera shirt or dress to wear to dinner this evening.
  9. Go back in time with a modern movie at the old-fashioned Tower Theatre.
  10. Grab some ice cream at Azucar! Don’t miss the best-seller, Abuela Maria.

Check out Miami Culinary Tours to enhance your experience with a guided tour. Learn all about the history, culture, food, and what makes Little Havana so special.