Maintaining a Healthy Diet in South Florida After Quarantine

Beach Baby Green, a Raw Salad Subscription Service

Within the constraints of a suffering economy and catastrophic loss of jobs, a silver lining can be seen for some in the form of new local business. Throughout the country, citizens have been forced to get creative to make ends meet. That’s where Beach Baby Green, a Raw Salad Subscription Service, comes in! One of the latest Meal Subscription Plans to emerge from South Florida, Beach Baby Green is the only local salad-based meal delivery service! Sourcing its produce solely from local and organic farms, these farm-fresh salad boxes hold enough greens, fruits and veggies to feed one person or a small family with 6 guaranteed servings per box! Each week, the owners will hand deliver a creative and abundant salad box, chock full of 11-12 ingredients and ready to eat! Salads can be enjoyed raw or with dressing, as a meal or as a side. Whatever you fancy, rest assured that you will not only get the vitamins and minerals your body needs, these huge salads will surely fill you up.

If health and vitality is what you’re after, head to this link to request information and follow updates on Instagram. Beach Baby Green will deliver as far North as Ft. Lauderdale and as far South as South Miami. Subscription is billed on a weekly basis. All farm fresh salads are one size, which guarantees 6 servings and will keep fresh in the refrigerator up to 7 days! Packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Buen Provecho!