Miami Beach’s Beaches Are Opening Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10, 2020!

Miami Beach’s Beaches Are Opening

A collective exhale could be heard amongst many of Miami Beach’s local residents when the news was released that the city’s public beaches would be reopened for visitation. Not without its own set of rules, beach-goers are now permitted to swim and sunbathe just in time for a major spike in temperature and humidity.

Check out a detailed list of the rules here. In short, no groups of 10 or more will be permitted on the beach. Small groups must maintain 6 feet of distance if not with family members. If 6 feet of distance cannot be achieved, a mask must be worn. Masks should be readily available in the event an authority asks to see it. Group sports, such as volleyball or soccer, will not be permitted, nor will tents or canopies. Again, have a look at the list for finer details.

Most importantly – enjoy a well deserved beach day!