Moving to Miami? What to Know Before You Do!

Moving to Miami? You’re not alone. Locals stand by with mouths agape at the influx of out-of-towners making Miami home, engaging in wild behavior like wearing tank tops in January (it’s below 70!!) and saying “good morning”, to strangers, in the street. While Miamians may not appear to be the most welcoming bunch, we are proud of our city and grateful that it is finally earning its place on the proverbial map.

That being said, there is a particular culture down here that cannot be denied, and may leave the newcomer with more questions than answers. Take this Reddit feed, for instance, where a couple from Salt Lake City decides against jumping in to the Miami pool head first without a little, highly comical, research. (For the record, no, we do not take “day trips” to the Caribbean and do not invest in SUVs for the sole purpose of barreling down a flooded Biscayne Avenue. For aesthetics? Yes. For practicality? Definitely not.)

Miami New Times thankfully has put together an introduction to life in the Magic City that may prove useful for even the most adventurous of relocators. Due diligence is required, because if there is one thing we know about Miami, it ain’t America. And that’s exactly why we love it. From strong cafecitos to invisible turn signals, there is nowhere in the world like Miami. Welcome home!

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