Uber Eats has launched in Miami

Uber Eats Miami

It’s official. Uber has changed our lives for the better, at least here in Miami, where parking can be a nightmare and driving can be downright harrowing. Hopping in an Uber can, thankfully, eliminate the latter. So when date night rolls around, all you have to do is jump in the backseat of the app-ordered car, Tinder along the way for back up options, and hop out in front of your go-to restaurant where your date will be waiting for you.

But what if you want to avoid traffic altogether? What if the sweltering heat doesn’t agree with your freshly blow-dried ‘do? Even worse, what if your favorite restaurant doesn’t deliver? Oh, the horror!

Don’t fret! You’re in luck. Uber Eats has launched in Miami, and is bringing your favorite dishes right to your doorstep, without the hassle of leaving your house! More than 100 local dining establishments, including some big names like Mr. Cheezious, Wynwood Kitchen, and the Salty Donut, have partnered with the flourishing personal car service to ensure we never have to leave our frosty, air-conditioned abodes. Netflix and Chill has now graduated to Netflix and Dine, all thanks to the genius minds behind the famous car sharing phenomenon. Making your night a heck of a lot easier. No cooking, no cleaning. You supply the candles, the cutlery, and the credit card. Uber will handle the rest.

Read more here. https://newsroom.uber.com/us-florida/miami-the-new-ubereats-app-is-here/

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