What’s your Standard?

Have you ever just wanted to have a relaxing fun night without the Miami party lifestyle? Then look no further than The Standard Miami Beach. Everything about The Standard Miami Beach is tranquility meets luxury. Any day of the week you can enjoy sitting by the water and taking in the warm sun at The Lido Bayside Grill. I know what you are thinking “are you crazy, it’s a thousand degrees outside!”, I promise you will feel like you are on vacation with your friends. Their Mediterranean menu has all the delicacies that one thinks about while by the ocean. Though you can’t beat the view of the ocean, you certainly need to check out the inside. And by inside I mean the spa. The Standard Miami Beach is best known for their spa and everything it has to offer; Hamam, steam room, sauna, Roman waterfall hot tub and gym. Also they have some of the best yoga classes taught by the very best in the business.

The Standard Miami Beach also offers plenty of workshops and classes that are available almost any day of the week. You can either purchase the workshop or class of your choosing or purchase the day spa pass which includes using their pool all day. Where do I sign up? Also on Sunday evenings there is dirty bingo! Yes, it is as fun as it sounds. It is filled with laughter and prizes. I once won two-day spa passes and I enjoyed it fully.

There are so many things to do in Miami as a local or as a visitor but The Standard Miami Beach should be one your top choices. Whenever I just want to hang with some friends and know I’ll have a good time without the craziness, I go to The Standard Miami Beach.

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