If spending a few days in Miami Beach’s fanciest hotel, watching beautiful people strut the most fabulous of swimwear sounds good to you, then you are in luck. Starting July 14, Art Heats Fashion & faena forum will host the official Swim Week 2022. Designers from all over the world showcase their coolest, trendiest swimwear for both men and women. Enjoy parties, runway shows & art exhibits. Miami Swim Week draws a fun & fashionable crowd. Tickets range from $65 – 3,300 on Eventbrite.

There are free options to Spinoffs of the “official” swim week show as well. At 2100 Collins Avenue, Paraiso Miami Beach will host Espacio VOGUE, a pop up of Latin American and Mexican design & beauty products. Expect fashion shows & cocktail parties. La Plage will showcase high-end European swimwear and resort brands in a 4 day Trade Show right next door 2000 Collins Avenue. Chotto Matte on Lincoln Road is partnering with Aguaclara, a Peruvian swimwear brand to display its latest trends.

Whether you’re in the market for a new suit or not, Miami Swim Week events are bright and vibrant alternatives to help you beat the heat!

The ever-burning question for all recent Miami transplants. How necessary is Spanish, really? Well, let’s answer that as simply as possible. Do you need it? No, you don’t need it. Would it make life a heck of a lot easier? Absolutely. Just as sipping a cafecito in the morning will make you feel more “Miami”, speaking some level of Spanish will assist in your integration into the Magic City.

According to Miami Dade Matters, 66% of the city’s population speaks Spanish at home. This language domination is an integral part of the tapestry that makes up modern Miami. The Cuban Revolution in 1959 served as its catalyst. The Spanish language seed was planted at this time and has flourished ever since. Miami is a city which offers the bureaucratic comforts of living in the USA with the spice of living in Latin America. Learning Spanish, or at least a basic knowledge of it, will only serve to enhance your experience here. Even Miami New Times agrees. (It might even help your dating life, too!)

Convinced? Hope so. Now it’s time for some real Spanish language lessons.

Here’s just a few of MANY places where you can learn a bit more than “Buenos Dias”:

  • The Spanish Hangout: Miami Beach
    Learn how to speak right away. Isn’t that why you’re here? The Spanish Hangout focuses on conversational Spanish instead of textbook learning. Privates, in person, virtual and small group options available.
  • Gaviria Academy: Coconut Grove
    Specifically designed for personalized success. Ptograms for adults and kids. Private, semi-private and small group classes available. Virtual and real life. First class is free of charge!
  • A+ Languages: Pembroke Pines
    Offers immersions, one on one tutoring and private sessions at an affroadble rate. Focus on themed Spanish language for professionals. All teachers are native speakers with university degrees.

Buena suerte!!

If holiday indulgence has you feeling sluggish and out-of-shape, there is no time like the present to get yourself moving again. Miami’s fitness scene is top-notch, and narrowing down your options can feel overwhelming. If classes are what you’re looking for, check out some of the options below to get you started.

For Cardio/Weight Training
  • Barry’s Boot Camp: Intense and to the point with weight training and treadmill runs. Expect quick results and celebrity-esque trainers. Various locations.
  • Fitbox Method: Boxing is not only a great workout, it’s a stellar stress reliever. Edgewater.
  • Sweat 440: Circuit Training rounds that start every 10 minutes. Great way to make friends. Various locations.
  • RedBike: This spin class will get you sweating in no time with Miami-inspired music and instructors. Brickell & Midtown.
For Yoga
  • Prana Yoga: Various levels and styles of yoga and meditation with a focus on the spiritual. Coral Gables.
  • OM Movement: Expect good vinyasa flows, evening restoratives, and friendly people. Coconut Grove.
  • State of Yoga: Strong vinyasa flows with plenty of arm balancing and chanting. South Beach.
  • Miami Life Center: An Ashtangi’s paradise. Choose from in-person and online Mysore classes. Wynwood.
For Pilates
  • MegaLit: A sweaty, full-body toner with 90s hop hop and low joint impact. Need I say more? Midtown.
  • SolidCore: This class will kick your butt. Enough said. Midtown.
  • Tremble: Your core will thank you, eventually. Reformer classes are intelligently sequenced. Various locations.
  • Renegade Pilates: Try the jumpboard pilates class to challenge your balance, fire up your core and burn a few extra calories. Little Haiti.

Now that temps are dipping below 75, it’s the perfect time to escape to some of Miami’s best movie theaters. Cinema experiences have come a long way since the ‘80s, so if popcorn isn’t your thing, you can now opt for sushi instead! Read below for a list of locations to snuggle into a cushy chair in front of the big screen.

  • O Cinema: Once known as the Miami Beach Cinematheque, the artsy theater on 12th and Washington is now O Cinema. The arthouse continues to showcase independent films at an affordable price. In 1927, the theater was built by Carl Fischer. In 2011, it was restored and is now more than just a place to see films; O Cinema is part gallery, bookstore, library and cafe. Wine, candy, popcorn and other snacks are available for purchase.
  • Regal South Beach ScreenX, IMAX & VIP: If mainstream movies are what you are looking for, Regal South Beach has it. Here you will find all the blockbuster hits in the comfort of a large theater with recliner seating. Feeling fancy? Purchase a VIP ticket for access to a full-service lounge, reserved king size recliners, gourmet food menu, and beer and wine choices.
  • Silverspot Cinema: Silverspot in Downtown Miami won Miami New Times’ Best of 2021 and with good reason. Not only are there 17 theaters inside, the food is served fresh before, during or after the film, the seats are plush and reclinable and the movie choices span independent quirky to Hollywood blockbusters. Oh, and you can order an Aperol Spritz, or whatever signature cocktail you might be craving with your gourmet pizza.
  • IPIC Theater: Seeing a movie at IPIC is basically a mini-vacation on the luxury level. The company’s motto is “to provide elevated entertainment escapes that engage multiple senses” by offering you a full menu of chef-inspired food, champagne cocktails, ridiculously comfortable seats and movie favorites from past to present. Meaning, if the movies of today don’t inspire you, surely some of their Flashback Cinema hits will.
  • Tower Theater: Tower Theater is South Florida’s highest grossing art-house cinema, and has been since 2015. More importantly, it is one of the oldest. Tower Theater opened in 1926 and served as a de facto classroom for loads of Cuban refugees after the ‘59 revolution revitalized 8th Street into a little Cuba, known today as Little Havana. Expect a step beyond the basics like comfy seats, wine and popcorn, as you watch the latest indie film alongside abuela.

Tried the above already and want something new? Here are a few more options around the city:
Coral Gables Art Cinema
AMC Sunset Place 24
AMC Aventura 24
CMX Cinema Brickell City Center, Doral
Cinepolis Coconut Grove Opening Winter 2022

Coral Gables is also known by many as The City Beautiful, and for good reason. This neighborhood is lush, tropical and, simply put, beautiful. Coral Gables is one of Florida’s first intentionally planned cities, created by George Merrick in 1925. Can you picture the Mediterranean style architecture that this area is so well known for? We can thank Merrick for that. Have you noticed the Spanish street names? Merrick chose these names after reading Washington Irving’s book, Tales of the Alhambra. While Merrick’s influence on the area was great, he died nearly penniless.

Today, Coral Gables is thriving and considered by many to be the ultimate suburb. There are so many things to do that residents and visitors often have trouble deciding! Discover the gems that Coral Gables has to offer this Holiday season. Here are just a few of the events happening in The City Beautiful.

Downtown Coral Gables Holiday Market: December 17-18, 2021
Great for kids and adults. Expect Santa & Mrs. Claus sightings, snow, shopping opportunities, Christmas Carols and craft workshops.

NightGarden at Fairchild: Through January 2, 2022
Yuletide-themed activities, events and cocktails amongst a spectacular interactive light and sound show at the already-spectacular Fairchild Gardens.

Madeline’s Christmas: Through December 19, 2021
A musical theater show geared at children but fun for everyone at The Actors’ Playhouse at Miracle Theatre.

For 37 years, Santa’s Enchanted Forest has enticed thousands of children and adults alike to frolic around the Christmas-themed amusement park in Tropical Park. Last year proved otherwise, when the celebration was shut down due to COVID. Now it’s back in it’s 38th year. Expect to see its signature 90ft Christmas tree, hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights, Christmas karaoke and more in its shiny new home of Hialeah Park. The man of the hour, Santa Claus, will be waiting for you each evening for a photo op and the coveted chance to share with him the gift of your dreams.

Where did this South Florida staple come from, you might ask? Santa’s Enchanted Forest has been stealing hearts and minds since 1982. It was October when the Shechtman family created an elaborate walkway of Christmas displays and food stalls amid red and green twinkling lights that lead visitors to an almost 100ft Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday season. Thus the tradition was sealed. Two years later, a merry-go-round was added to the decor. By 1992, the park had nearly doubled in size and today it is a full-blown amusement park, complete with roller coasters and a ferris wheel, pizza and funnel cakes, carnival games and circus acts.

Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. If you plan to call yourself a Miami local, it is imperative that you purchase your ticket and head over to uncover the magic that is Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

The 38th Annual Miami Book Fair is just around the corner! Every November, Miami is host to an 8-day celebration of all things literary. Local and international authors, well-curated and artfully chosen, kick things off with readings of their most recent masterpieces. The celebration then turns into a block party of sorts, known as the Street Fair. This fair appeals to young and mature alike. South Floridian students gather to play games, participate in theater performances, create arts and crafts and listen to stories. The Street Fair is best known for its Festival of Authors. This events invites close to 500 writers from all over the US, Latin America and Spain to discuss their written works and books of all kinds and for all ages are discussed.

For adults, there are plenty of poetry readings and author discussions. Such conversations run the gamut of fiction and nonfiction. All kinds of topics are touched upon, from self-care to politics to race to grieving, some humorous and others heartfelt. Talks are hosted in both English and Spanish by well-known authors and emerging writers.

The Miami Book Fair takes place on the Miami Dade College Campus in Downtown, Miami, with Fringe events taking place in Doral. Many readings can be accessed virtually. The official dates are November 14 – 21, 2021. Courses, readings and other events having to do with the Miami Book Fair take place year-round, both in person and virtually.

After a rather tense year and several months, what everybody really needs is a good laugh. Luckily, Miami has plenty of opportunities to do just that!

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It’s spring in Miami Beach and there is no better way to enjoy the nightly breeze than with a bottle of wine, a picnic dinner and the sounds of the New World Symphony.

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It’s easy to flip on Netflix to disconnect after a long day, but you will be doing yourself a disservice. Nature offers one of the very best methods of disconnection. The sunsets over Miami’s ever-growing skyline are simply unlike anywhere else, turning the sky a medley of orange, pink, yellow and violet. The best part about this amazing light show? It’s free! This evening, close your computer and head to one of these five simple spots on South Beach to enjoy a stunning culmination to your day.

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