Day trips from Miami are plentiful, and here is one of the best.

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in Miami, you’ve surely heard about Stiltsville. A mysterious collection of pastel-colored houses that jut out from Biscayne Bay’s flat waterline, Stiltsville is a living relic of bygone era. During Prohibition, this area of the bay was once a hub for booze smuggling. In 1933, the houses we see today were built by “Crawfish Eddy”, a well-known gambling operator.

Stiltsville quickly became an attraction for the wealthy and elite. A string of famous gentlemen’s clubs and exclusive bars popped up. All sorts of debauchery was permitted here, from nude sunbathing to lobster poaching to illegal alcohol sales. The Florida Beverage Commission finally showed up to shut the party down and a series of hurricanes swooped in to finish the job completely.

There were 27 houses that adorned the bay in the 1960’s. By the early 1990’s, there were just 14. Hurricane Andrew reduced that number to 7 in 1992 and today, those 7 remain. These houses are protected by the National Park Service’s Biscayne National Park and can only be seen by boat.

Why not take a morning to check them out? If you have your own boat or a preferred boat captain, you can arrive on your own. If not, or if you’re interested in hearing more about Stiltsville’s fascinating history, book a tour here.

It’s a great way to acquaint yourself with the background and culture of Miami while still having a great day out on the water. Stiltsville is a place every Miamian should visit at least once in a lifetime and is the perfect day trip!

For 37 years, Santa’s Enchanted Forest has enticed thousands of children and adults alike to frolic around the Christmas-themed amusement park in Tropical Park. Last year proved otherwise, when the celebration was shut down due to COVID. Now it’s back in it’s 38th year. Expect to see its signature 90ft Christmas tree, hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights, Christmas karaoke and more in its shiny new home of Hialeah Park. The man of the hour, Santa Claus, will be waiting for you each evening for a photo op and the coveted chance to share with him the gift of your dreams.

Where did this South Florida staple come from, you might ask? Santa’s Enchanted Forest has been stealing hearts and minds since 1982. It was October when the Shechtman family created an elaborate walkway of Christmas displays and food stalls amid red and green twinkling lights that lead visitors to an almost 100ft Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday season. Thus the tradition was sealed. Two years later, a merry-go-round was added to the decor. By 1992, the park had nearly doubled in size and today it is a full-blown amusement park, complete with roller coasters and a ferris wheel, pizza and funnel cakes, carnival games and circus acts.

Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. If you plan to call yourself a Miami local, it is imperative that you purchase your ticket and head over to uncover the magic that is Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

Miami is a great city to explore. Tourists know that, which is why so many flock to Miami year round. They recognize that there is more to this glittering metropolis than the beach. Wynwood, Design District, and Brickell are teeming with out-of-towners, guidebooks in tow, exploring the neighborhoods, taking photos and trying the food.

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In case you needed one visual reason to make Florida your permanent residence, here are twelve. lists twelve of the most beautiful, photograph-worthy spots in the state. Guess which town topped the list? You guessed it. Our very own and well-loved Miami and Miami Beach. Enjoy the list, book your flight, grab your camera and check out the latest South Florida listings on

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Miami has lots of interesting boroughs. Each neighborhood boasts its own personality and culture. South Beach moves to a different beat than Brickell, Little Haiti, or Coconut Grove. Yet, the combination of these pockets are what make Miami so eclectic and vibrant. Thanks to Miami’s local newsletter, The New Tropic, you can find out a little more about this fabulous city by brushing up on the history of its neighborhoods.

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